Steven Houle Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steven Houle Photography (Steven Houle Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:48:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:48:00 GMT Steven Houle Photography: Blog 120 80 California Part 1 : Big Bear Hey guys, So recently I took a trip out to California to work with several clients and to visit some family. I had a great time. I traveled all over, from Southern California up to Northern. I visited so many nice locations and I hope to share them with you in the next few blog posts.

First Id like to start off with one of my favorite places in Southern California which resides very close to where I stayed down there. The place is called Big Bear and the views traveling up and down this 9,000'  mountain are beautiful. I timed it just right in that so when I came down the mountain the sun would be setting. This created an opportunity to create some really stunning sunset images. While up the mountain I was also able to visit Big Bear Lake which is really nice. People were fishing and kayaking even though it was very cold out. The mountain also has ski slopes which look like they would be fun to traverse. its a shame their snow pack has been at such low levels due to the drought. I have also included a few images from my flight up here out the window of the plane :)





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Cherish the Moments Wedding Expo I had the Pleasure to not only be the photographer but also an exhibitor at the Cherish the moments Wedding Expo. it took place March 8th 2015 at Jacky's Galaxie in Bristol RI. It was a fantastic time working with all the other exhibitor as well as the bride and grooms to be. I also had a chance to work with the models for the Bridal Fashion Show. It was nice meeting so many new people especially the engaged couples. I'm looking forward to working with several of them on their wedding day in the near future. :)

Id also like to take the time to thank my assistance Diana, Amie and Denis for helping me out and bringing this all together. I couldn't have done it with out their help.


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Natural Living Expo 2014 Back in Mid November Me and Angela spent 2 days photographing the Natural Living expo. We have been photographing this event for the past 3 years and it just continues to grow and just keeps getting better and better. Its become so big that I couldn't have done it all with out the Help of Angela. I'm blessed to have her around. :) At the Expo there were so many wonderful vendors and the speakers were terrific. It was a pleasure working with the team from Spirit of Change magazine and we look forward to working with them in the future. 


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Sophia Barbon Here is a small preview from a recent shoot I had with the adorable Sophia. She was extremely easy to work with which resulted in such great images. There were so many great images it was hard to only choose a few. I absolutely love working with children as they can bring the images to life in so many wonderful ways. This was very evident in the photos with Sophia as she could transition so easily from look to look.  I had a wonderful time working with her and her family and hope I have many more clients as nice as they were.

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Giana's Baptism Today was an exciting day for Ashley and Doug. Their new born baby girl Giana had her baptism at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Warwick. They had a beautiful mass and it was my pleasure to be there to photograph this occasion for them.



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Aisha Lee at the Seekonk River Drawbridge I had the Opportunity to work with Aisha Lee a little over a week ago. She had a fantastic Idea for a black swan photo shoot and She collaborated with Kai Kumalae who did a fantastic job on her make up. I found a pretty neat location a few weeks prior that i thought would work really well. Its a old Scherzer rolling lift type railway bridge in East Providence that had one of the ends burnt up by a large fire. We spent about an hour or so at the location and Aisha was a pleasure to work with.


(Steven Houle Photography) Aisha lee Drawbridge East Kai Kumalae Photography Providence River Seekonk Thu, 10 Jul 2014 01:49:36 GMT
Memorial Day at Chase Farm Memorial Day we Decided to head to Chase farm which is only down the road from us. This is a great place for taking photos with so many great spots to choose from. We had a fun time just walking around and taking pictures here and there. Hopefully this summer we can visit some more great places to take more family pictures and to find wonderful spots for our clients to choose from. :)

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2014 Rhode Island Air Show!  

This weekend Angela and I heard about the RI Air Show being back. We thought this would be a great event to bring our almost 5 year old son Zade to. We left to go to the air show around 11am and didnt get into the actual air show till around 2:30... most of that time was spent in traffic and waiting in line lol. That was quite alright though because we didnt miss the Blue Angels flying. All the pilots at the show were absolutely amazing and our son Zade loved watching the old crop duster type planes flip and twirl around in the air light they where toys. When it came to the main event, the Blue Angels. Zade was a little scared with all the noise the planes made. He was particularly startled when the plans did a sneaky low fly by. They flew by faster then sound and so low that we couldnt hear or see them coming. I have to admit I did jump quite a bit too when it happened. Over all it was a wonderful time and I hope next year we can get there a little earlier and get a spot up front so I can share even more amazing pictures with you. ENJOY!


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Bridal Photo shoot In Bristol and Colt State Park with Vanetta Whyme This past Thursday. May 8th 2014 I had the opportunity to do another bridal shoot at Colt State Park and a nice gazebo in Bristol RI. There are so many wonderful little places to take pictures at colt state park and Im sure this wont be my last doing a photo shoot there. I worked once again with make up artist Colleen Alvarado and my model this time was the Beautiful Vanetta Whyme. They both did an amazing job. Just like last time the Sun just didn't want to come out to play but that's fine by me. At the gazebo in Bristol I opted for natural light but once we got to colt state park I decided to use my 7' parabolic umbrella to get a really soft and isolated lighting. It really gives the images a unique look. This along with the shallow depth of field it really makes the image pop. Once again this was a very Successful photo shoot.


(Steven Houle Photography) Bridal Photoshoot Bristol Colleen Alvarado Colt State Park Rhode Island Vanetta Whyme photography wedding photography Sat, 10 May 2014 23:17:23 GMT
Bridal Photoshoot at Colt State Park Last Sunday, April the 27th. I had the opportunity to do a bridal shoot. I worked with make up artist Colleen Alvarado and Hairstylist Olivia Bucci. They both did an amazing job. Our Model was the very lovely Ariella Darvish. The Photo shoot was taken at Colt State Park in Bristol Rhode Island. The day was a little gloomy but we made the best of it and we lucked out with a little bit of sun here and there and finished up right before it down poured. Over all the photo shoot was a great success and I look forward to working with these wonderful ladies again in the future.

(Steven Houle Photography) Bridal Photoshoot Bristol Colleen Alvarado Colt State Park Olivia Bucci photography wedding photography Wed, 30 Apr 2014 01:05:03 GMT
Baby Colton Last week Angela and I Had another New born baby shoot with Colton, Mike and Katelynn's 1 month old baby boy. Colton needless to say is going to be a NFL linebacker when he grows up... coming into this world at whopping 11lbs 4oz. and apx 24" long. Little Colton was very good for our photo shoot and we were able to get some really nice pictures of him.


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Somer and Daniel's Wedding, Middletown, RI  

On Feb 20th Angela and I had the honor of photographing our first wedding of 2014 for Somer and Daniel Matthews. We were contacted 2 weeks prior by Somers Mother looking for a photographer to photograph just the ceremony at the Carriage House Inn in Middletown RI. Somer and Daniel both had a great personality. It was absolute pleasure to work with them. We are looking forward to the rest of the wedding season of 2014 :)



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Baby Backdrop Stand Today Angela and I decided to make a backdrop stand for our up coming new born baby photo shoots. We bought some PVC piping and connectors from Lowes as well as bought a large 4' Chillax Bean bag. This stand is perfect for look that we are going for with some of our photo shoots. We will be able to use many different material types while creating a seamless and classy look. In the pictures below we used a basic grey fabric we had hanging around for example purposes only.


Supplies used

4 x 1/2" Angled T's

2 x 1/2" T's

4 x 1/2" Angle

8 x 1/2" x 60" Piping




for Parents and Parents to be, We are very reasonably priced and absolutely love working with little ones. We take our time and work at the baby's pace and schedule. We always make sure to accommodate the childs as well as the parents needs.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about our New Born and Baby Photo shoots.



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Baby Jordan

This past week Angela and I had the privilege to photograph Baby Jordan, Isaac and Lita's 3 month old son. We got to the studio nice and early that morning to make sure it was nice an toasty for the little guy. Once Lita arrived we helped her carry in the props and baby supplies she wanted for the photo shoot. We always love collaborating with the clients before hand to create the portrait style they are looking for. There is never a rush when photographing a new born / baby . A calm relaxing atmosphere is the best way to help keep a baby cooperative. Through out most of the photo shoot baby Jordan was very a happy little guy. We took plenty of breaks that allowed Lita to tend to his every baby need lol. At the end of the session Lita and I sat down and reviewed all the images from the photo shoot on a large LCD monitor. There were so many good images it was hard to choose. Luckily we were able to narrow it down to the ones that she would like edited. It was a wonderful session and we look forward to our next new born photo shoot.


(Steven Houle Photography) Baby Photography new Born photo shoot Sun, 26 Jan 2014 14:53:57 GMT
Run for Liver Fundraiser

Hello again everyone!

Some of you may know that Steve and I (Angela) attended our friend Ronald Walker's fundraiser for The American Liver Foundation "Run For Research". For those of you who don't know Ron, his brother Rick has battled with Crohn's Disease throughout most of his life. The disease has caused Rick to take medications that have over time damaged his liver.  Ron has chosen to run the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon on April 21st 2014. All the proceeds raised will go to The American Liver Foundation in support of Rick's liver condition.

The fundraiser was held at the Knights Of Columbus in South Attleboro Massachusetts. When Steve and I walked into the banquette hall I got instant goose bumps all over. We were touched to see twice as many people as there were cars in the parking lot.

It was a wonderful turnout 130 people attended!

 We said hi to all our friends and proceeded to buy raffle tickets. There were over 40 gift baskets donated to the fundraiser!  We also sang, listened, and danced to music provided by DJ Melodye Conway of Pro DJ's Entertainment and a really rocking band called Nasty Habits

In between talking with friends, the raffle, line dancing and listening to the band there was a yummy buffet. Over all, the night was fun and a great success. Ron is beyond thankful for every one who attended and/or donated for his cause.


If you would like to make a donation here is a link to do so 

>> Run For Research <<


(Steven Houle Photography) Boston Marathon Crohn's Disease Knights Of Columbus Nasty Habits Pro DJ's Entertainment Run For Research South Attleboro The American Liver Foundation photography Wed, 22 Jan 2014 21:31:49 GMT
2013 in Review  

This Year has been a full and very eventful for me. I had the pleasure of being the photographer for over 190 clients this year. Ive photographed everything from Weddings, Events, Landscapes, and many different types of Portraits, ranging from traditional to high end fashion. Im very fortunate and look forward to pushing my photography art work even further this year.. keep an eye open I have a lot of cool projects coming up in the future :)


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Santa Visits Kids Play

Santa recently came and visited all the children at Kid's play in Cumberland, RI. Watch all the children have a great time singing and dancing with Santa in our gallery. Each child also had a chance to sit with Santa and tell them what they would like for Christmas and have a picture taken with the Big man himself. every one had a wonderful time and we thank Santa for visiting with us. :)


View the full Gallery here


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Stacie Venagro : 2012 and 2013 World Miss Fitness America Steve and I (Angela) are excited to show off his newest model....Introducing Stacie Venagro : 2012 and 2013 World Miss Fitness America! Stacie, Steve and I went to High school together. Though we were in different class years Stacie's talent had surfaced many times. During gym classes and Pep Rallies she would do some crazy flips and moves that made even Steve (who has black belts in various forms of martial arts) drop his jaw. When Stacie won World Miss Fitness America for the second year in a row I said to Steve "she did it again" and he replied "That doesn't surprise me at all. She is one determined woman!" We contacted Stacie to see if she would be interested in working with us. She accepted and we had an AMAZING photo shoot with her on Sunday. Thank you Stacie, We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with you and are looking forward to our next photo shoot. :)


(Steven Houle Photography) 2013 World Miss Fitness America Fitness" Stacie Venagro Wed, 11 Dec 2013 01:55:56 GMT
Natural living Expo, November 2013

Hi Everyone,

Steve and I are excited to let you all know about our experience with the Natural Living Expo we attended and photographed.

We started our Saturday November 16th morning out with a 6:30 A.M. drive to the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough Massachusetts. As we pulled into the parking lot of the Trade Center we saw many people gathering supplies to prepare their booths for the Expo. There was a lot of action going on and it was the perfect time for Steve to start taking photographs! People began buying tickets at 8 A.M. and by that time the Expo opened to the public at 9 A.M. it was packed!

For a while, Steve and I stayed in the Trade center. We were only able to get down two out of the twelve long isles before we had to make our way over to the Royal Plaza Hotel.There were several workshops being held every hour or two from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. at the Hotel.

These workshops consisted of some booth owners and hosts from the Expo explaining what they do, how people can help themselves in many different ways, and promoting their products. We had a great time going into every individual workshop and photographing the speaker (s) in action. I personally loved and enjoyed what they had to say as well! That day we had a couple of key speakers and after their workshop they had a book signing. including John Holland and Gabrielle Bernstein

We got some terrific photographs!Throughout the day we shuttled back and fourth from the Expo to the Hotel to get a mix of photographs. In between it all Steve and i managed to check into our hotel room and grab a quick bite to eat. When the workshops and Expo ended that evening our work was not done. We began to prepare for "The Healing Concert" by the singer : WAH!

The concert had to be photographed in the dark so Steve needed to make sure he could get some good quality pictures so his settings on the camera needed to be perfect. The concert photographs were a success!Steve and I were done with the Saturday events by 8 P.M. Then we went off to a birthday dinner for me. My birthday was the next day. After twelve hours you would think we would be miserable and cranky. Nope, we had a great time at dinner with a lot of laughs :)We began our Sunday morning at 10 A.M. and did more shuttling back and forth between events. There was a great cooking demonstration that was held in the Expo.

We had a chance to speak with many workers from their booths and made a lot of friends. Everyone was so friendly! The Expo and workshops ended at 5 P.M. Sunday. By then we met up with Mechella who is the advertising director for the "Spirit Of Change Magazine". Mechella hired Steve to take photographs for the magazine and website starting in 2012. She confirmed with us that Steve is hired again for next year 2014! We are delighted to photograph this event again.



(Steven Houle Photography) Gabrielle Bernstein John Holland Natual Living Expo Royal Plaza Trade Center Spirit of Change WAH! Thu, 05 Dec 2013 00:24:05 GMT
Sabrina at Chase Farm Hello every one my name is Angela.
Steve and I had a wonderful photo shoot yesterday at Chase Farm in Lincoln R.I. The day started off looking like it was not going to cooperate.  We began with dark sky's, 40 degree weather, and it even rained out a little. No fear! We found a spot with a lot of trees to shelter us while we still were able to shoot. We ended our photo shoot with a beautiful sunset. The pictures turned out great! I want to thank our model Sabrina for the opportunity to work with her. You did a great job!

The holidays are approaching! Portraits make the best gifts for friends and family. Contact us if you are interested in more information.

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